CwC and WuP Part 6 Page 4
There, all done. To tell you this originally was the ending of this story, but I ended up adding in two more pages for reasons you'll see next week. 

Also, this project started out not just because I was influenced by a couple of songs. I was driven by the fact that several Miku/Rin songs ended tragically for these two.  Only a few where actually happy. Actually Rin has a large number of rather sad songs. I suddenly realized that this is Vocaloids, there are no rules, nothing is canon. So I could do what I wanted and finally make a story where these two are happy. It just took me a year to get to this point in the story. I'm just glad people have been enjoying it so far. I'll hopefully have the next two pages up shortly. 

You can read the full story on Sapphoids on tumblr.