CWCL Newsletter #37

Hi ladies!

Here's this week's newsletter for ya! 

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Pesto chicken & veggie kabob 

Sweet potato & brussel sprouts hash 

Prayer Reflection

While I was scrolling through Facebook earlier today, I saw a cartoon where a man was praying and saying to God, "I can't do this." And God was watching above, saying out loud something like, "Finally." I don't remember the exact words, but the gist of it seemed to be that God was glad that this man realized his weaknesses and limitations, because it would seem that only then would this guy turn to the Lord for help, for guidance, for what he couldn't do himself.

It was like this line from the Responsorial Psalm yesterday: "Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live."

That's admittedly the time I turn to Him best -- when I need Him, when things aren't going so well. And I've been hard on myself when I've thought of that. I've thought, "I need to not only go to Him when I need something. But also just to be with Him! To thank Him. To talk with Him. To have a relationship with Him." And I definitely still think that's true -- we do need that balance in our relationship with Him. 

But I don't want us to discount our weaknesses and limitations which might naturally make us turn to God, which is always a good thing. Maybe that's an explanation to the mysteriousness of the suffering in this life? 

That's something I'm going to be pondering on this week: that our weaknesses and limitations may be gifts from God. What beauty can come from them? More closeness to Him? Greater realization that we can't do everything -- that we can't be in control?

Pray with me...

Father in Heaven, I come to you so often out of my need and desperation. Help me to try to accept my neediness for You, and in that way, to accept my limitations and weaknesses. I want to accept the realities of this life while growing closer to You. Help me to see every opportunity I have to speak with You throughout my days and to share more of my heart with You. Amen. 

Home Decor

Faux succulents 

Ginger jar tray 

Folding wicker tray table 

Striped pillow 

Heather white wreath 

Copper canisters with wood lids 

Organic cotton sheets

Grey floating bookshelf 

Faux potted orchid 

Golden leaves sculpture 

Fashion Finds

Beaded statement earrings 

Navy & white pleated midi skirt 

Chambray shirt 

Printed shirtdress 

Midi button-up shirt dress 

Striped pants with tie waist 

Mock neck sleeveless blouse 

Beaded headband 

Striped boatneck t-shirt 

V-neck tencel dress 

Flounce sleeve blouse 

Heeled Mules 

Square neck maxi dress 

Crewneck belted midi flare dress 

That's all for now! 

Praying for you beautiful women this week -- that you may feel seen, known and loved for who you are.