CWCL Newsletter #92

Hi ladies,

Here's this week's newsletter for ya! 

I'm praying for you, for your families, and for all of your health & safety. 


Chicken sausage tomato basil with zucchini noodles 

No-mayo broccoli salad 

Prayer Reflection

"Jesus didn’t just feed them, He fully satisfied them. Our charge here: trust that the Lord will work wonders with whatever we share with him.⁣ What can you offer the Lord this week? How will you trust him to provide for you?⁣" (Unleash the Gospel)

I thought that was such a beautiful point -- that Jesus didn't just feed those who were hungry and tired, but that He fully satisfied them.

It's hard to believe -- all the time that -- Jesus has everything we need. It's easier to think, in this world, that we need to do everything ourselves -- we need to provide for ourselves, we need to do this or that to take care of ourselves. And often, when we do that, seeking what we truly need from Him goes to the wayside. 

I think one reason this happens is because the enemy likes us to believe that we have to do everything for ourselves. He doesn't want us to depend on the Lord -- because that sort of dependence is very fruitful. The enemy wants us to think we are on our own, that we're alone, and that it's up to us -- everything we need to do, everything we need...

But it's not.

More would be done if we turn to Him when we're in need. More will be cared for when we turn to Him to care for us.

And we don't "just" need to turn to Him for one thing or another -- here and there, but for everything. Everything that we feel we need to get through the week or the day -- He has it, He wants to give it. He's a generous giver. And He wants us to be a generous receiver and seeker of what He has to offer us.

Maybe this week, we can try to remember that He will give us something -- more than enough, more than what we need -- if we approach Him.

Pray with me... 

Father in Heaven, I know You desire to give me everything I need. I know You desire to satisfy me fully. Help me to receive what You want to give to me. Help me to seek You when I'm tired, when I'm spent and exhausted. I know only You have what I need. Amen. 

Home Decor

Distressed wood vase // another one 

Small Flaming Heart 

Padre Pio Storm Print 

Large magazine basket 

Blue quilted fabric coasters 

Potted olive tree 

Blue French press 

Large rattan bowl 

Ceramic collander 

Wood & metal three-tiered shelf 

Floral blue & white doormat 

Hobnail beverage dispenser 

Woven storage bins 

Dusty pink artificial mums 

Fashion Finds

Eyelet v-neck tank top 

Mockneck navy sleeveless top

Pink ruffle tank 

High-rise jeans with belt 

Gold & white open cardigan 

Denim 3/4 sleeve top 

Red smocked neck dress 

Blue shirtdress 

Maxi lace trim dress  

Cream scalloped blouse 

Plush oversized cardigan 

Gold star earrings 

Blue & white striped dress 

That's all for now! 

Praying for you beautiful women this week -- that you may feel seen, known and loved for who you are. 


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