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CWK "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure
Heyo friends, 

Here it NJ it does not feel like heaven at about 90 degrees with 70% humidity. My hair is doing it's rare curl move and the cats are splayed out on the tile floor. Melon plopped herself next to the cat fountain and has her chin resting on the edge so she can lazily sip without moving. 

Today's Covered With Kittens episode was a request for an anniversary song, but we managed to cover the topic of love in many forms thanks to Pickle and Trash Panda. I featured the awesome melon ball cat bed that was donated last month. 

Up next will be an acoustic cover of a Kittens Slay Dragons song. We had a lot of fun on tour last month, and we discovered some of the songs worked quite nicely with a guitar. We also discovered some absolutely do not and wind up sounding too much like Sweet Home Alabama so I will spare you that. 

I hope you're basking in the just right amount of degrees today. Have a lovely week and thank you as always for chipping in to help me make music and care for kitties in need.