CYBER SECURITY 201 - Clients, Servers, OSI
These are the slides and class notes from yesterday's class. 

My class typically runs around 45-50 minutes. 

As they have requested more "hands on" stuff, I decided to start each class starting with this last class with one or two (as time permits) Over the Wire exercises (Bandit level). I am going to introduce them to the Over the Wire website at the end of class so they can explore it further on their own.

I do not like reading from slides and it annoys me when others do so these slides are mostly just pictures that prompt me to move from one idea or concept to the next one. I wrote up some notes of what I discussed for each slide so that if you want to use the slides you can OR if you want to use my notes as prompts and create your own slides you can. 

I have found with kids (mine are between 8 and 13 for this class) I keep it simple and easy. Like I give them the building blocks so they can master each one and feel confident and not overwhelmed or confused. Then I build on those.

I also keep a close watch on faces for expressions to make sure no one looks confused or worried.

So far, so good. 

Next week, we will be doing Layer 1, the physical layer. After I introduced the OSI to them, I explained that each layer played a role in security one way or another so it was important to understand what each layer did, why, and how so you could better understand where strengths and weaknesses were OR if a new exploit came out, you could understand where in your big picture you needed to address. 

I will have the next class slides and notes up as soon as I am able to after next week's class.

 Until next time, remember: