Cycle of Life

Oct 20, 2015

While working on Meadow Mayhem we (Task, Nameless, me) always had the wish to do a song in which everyone of us had their own segment. One day Nameless uploaded a really cool guitar sample, wrote his part of the lyrics and called the song "Cycle of Life".

Task and I added our verses and we all helped each other out to make all the pieces go together.

Nameless was the initial mixer, but I took over later on when Less said he saw no hope in this song. I tried to spice things up a little with bass and drums, and you can hear the final version here.

At one point there was an actual smashing noise of my bass (LOUD!) during the break, and I sung multiple voices in the last part as well, but I removed all of that again; not one of us felt good about it.

In the end, something always sounded off, and it didn't fit the rest of Meadow Mayhem. All other songs were usually kind of dark or somewhat serious or, I don't know, gloomy. So we decided to just keep it off the album and it turned into sort of an in-joke song only us three knew about.

I still like it for what it is, primarily for Nameless's guitar.

Here's are the lyrics:


Reborn and gone again

It's the cycle of life

You're enjoying and then

One day you're high

And the other you die

Reborn and gone again

Let me dive into the next life

I'm gonna be a falcon

Flying high above the fields

Haven't eaten for days

I'm starvin'

What's there on the ground?

It's a mouse

And I'm attacking

And I'm breaking its neck!

And I'm flying high again...

What's that over there?


Reborn and gone again

It's the cycle of life

You're still breathing and then

One day you're thrilled

And the other you get killed

Reborn and torn again

Let me try another life

I'm gonna be a spider

Eating flies and a water strider

Haven't had trouble for days

I'm happy in all ways

Until I'm hungry again

I get impatient

Somebody FLY IN MY NET

And I keep staying alert

At last something's coming


Reborn and gone again

It's the cycle of life

You're beginning again

A sort of destiny

In the end you will see

Reborn at dawn again

Counting life

One two three four five

I'm gonna be a six-string

Being played on the big stage

Guitar of furious rock

I am strumming

And the people

Are slaves of my sound

It is addicting

I am the King of their minds!

And now the climax comes

Holding me up in rage he smashes me


That's all there is to it

Just enjoy every bit

As bad as it may sound

Imagine what you'll be next round

Toaster, pig, cat, lamp, or a mushroom

Pencil, stick, rat, stamp, sponge in a classroom

Dragonfly, bat, amp, spoon, sock, magic broom

Cheese, poster, headphones, jet, rabbit costume

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