Cylinder Release Update
           I am currently trying to release the game I finished named "Cylinder."  I will need to fund projects I have in mind, and people will not give me money for nothing more than ideas and wishes. Even if I do get a good prototype, I am still not entitled or owed other people's' money, so it is wise to find some form of funding of my own.

         GOG has denied my game's application, due to me being too eager and submitting the application with a cruddy video of level 1 and 2, the most unimpressive levels.  

          Steam requires the developer to donate $100, as I do not have $100 I will not be using them until I can spare it. 

          This leaves me with some sites I found when googling "How to release my Indie game," the sites are as follows:

          The list I came across with these sites was old, and many distributors on the list were shut down at some point. Not all these sites may be right for my game, and I am open to other possibilities.