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You Are A Cymatics Novice. As a $1/month patron, you will have access to my patreon updates and be the first to know of any new developments in the world of cymatics (via the Journal Of Cymatics and the School Of Cymatics, which you can subscribe to for free). You'll also have my immense appreciation. This is the Cymatics Novice level.
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$10 Cymatics Patron: As a $10/month patron, you will be able to enjoy all of the above...updates here on patreon - posts, videos, and news from the world of Cymatica that you can only get here on my patreon site. You'll be the first to know when a new instrument is created, a new piece of art completed, a chapter (or a whole book) finished. You, too get to see the creation of Cymatica first hand. HOWEVER I will also be sending you excerpts from Cymatica - chapters, creation stories, songs, and background notes from the well as book art, maps, pages from my journal, sketches of instruments and characters, soundtracks-in-progress, videos of the creation of the CODEX, and more...this is the "inner circle" level.
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