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That's right bitches, we just hung half a thou on yo' asses! This is EPISODE 500, a show so epic that the only way to describe it is with the Roman numeral for 500! "D"! Soooo, this is Episode D!
Um... ok, so we thought it'd be a little MORE "epic" than that... but it's too late to come up with anything else, so INSTEAD we'll just JAM-FRICKIN'-PACK this episode with music, loads of greetings from comedy music greats (and a few people on the street), as well as an interview with Seamonkey, who ends up turning the tables on Devo and interviewing HIM and playing his new favorite "NSFW" song from The Book of Mormon!
Sit back and relax, because "D" is for quadruple your normal show! (Yeah, we didn't think that slogan thru, either)

1. "It's Not Out Yet" by Megathruster
2. Interview with Seamonkey!
3. "Anorexiac (Live at FuMPFest 2016)" by Seamonkey featuring Devo Spice
4. News of the Stupid!
5. "Dryuary" by Killy Dwyer
6. Interview flip around, Seamonkey interviews Devo about Manic Mondays
7. "Hasa Diga Eebowai" by Book of Mormon

Megathruster is at Megathruster.com
Seamonkey is at seamonkey.bandcamp.com, and also check out TheBoobles.org
Killy Dwyer is at kellybdwyer.com
and The Book of Mormon is at bookofmormonbroadway.com