D&D: Fear of Imprisonment/Capture/Enslavement
"Remember Keelin, there are bad people in this world. People who will hate you for your fey ancestory. It's dangerous, that's why your father won't return. Never trust the men in the woods. While the men in armor would see you jailed for their own sport, the men in merchant's clothing would sell you as little more than a plaything for some rich lord with exotic taste. If you see a man in the woods, stay perfectly still. Only when they are turned away do you flee. Climb a tree and stay out of sight. When they are gone, run home, and do not stop until you are in my arms."

"...Okay, gran."

Keelin faces one of her fears, being captured and either imprisoned or enslaved. She grew up in an area rife with conflict between fey and humans, and was in constant risk of being hurt on both fronts. Her gran naturally held more fear of humans, and made sure Keelin knew to stay away from men in the woods, particularly warriors and merchants lowkey slave trading. 

When she's faced by soldiers from her past coming to take her away, she freezes, hindering her party's escape. Only Emri manages to convince her to follow them to safety.