D&D Height Chart - Swiftwater Campaign (3/5)
So I know technically the next thing was supposed to be video game related/the picture of Gerome on his wyvern. And I *have* been whittling away at that, buuuuut... We had our D&D campaign start up, and I was super mega hyped and figured "Oh I'll go ahead and sketch out a rough of the height chart of everyone, and work on that later." But that turned into "Well I'll just add this." and "I'll just finish this part up." and I couldn't stop! ._.;; Then I kinda finished it. Sorry.

From left to right we have Senas the Psionic half-giant, Larkspur the Cleric, Maggie the half-elven Spirit Shaman, Duncan the human Bard, Enyo the human Fighter, Ash the tiefling Fighter, and Simon the human Paladin. I made this height chart a bit bigger than previous ones and actually added some color. Just seemed right to do since this group in particular is... interesting looking.