D...SLR Wristband!


Here it is, and you are all getting one!

If you already signed up for Patreon as of right now, you will get one of this for free in the mail!

If you think you friend will be interested in getting one (or you want to gift them one cause you are nice like that), they get either order one on my FB:  


or for a limited time, they can sign up for the Digital Content Package and receive one for free: 


Only have credit card or paypal? Purcahse through here then: http://martinwong.storenvy.com/collections/195043-all-products/products/15843612-d-slr-wristband

** ALSO, if you wanted to learn how this shot was done, check out my last post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/4212065 **