D10 List: Evil Cult motivations

 Hey, Garmbreak1 here. Cults are a mainstay of fantasy RPG plots. They're great! Charismatic leaders, shocking, dark practices! Ethical questions! And with those in mind, I have a list of 10 cult hooks for you lovely people. All of the deities listed here are from Faerun, check out the Forgotten Realms wiki if you want to use them as-is. Otherwise, use them as a nice jumping point.

You will find attached a nice little free temple map to use as your cultist's base made by HIkaru. If you're a subscriber, you can find the basement here, and the assets to build your own using the geomorphs and furniture packs. Enjoy! 

  • 1 || Blood sacrifice to resurrect dead significant other or child.
  • 2 || Awakening the dark beast that lurks below the city to make everybody pay for some relatively minor slight.
  • 3 || Not "a cult" so much as a scam to acquire a truckload of gems as "material components" before fucking off out of town.
  • 4 || See 3 except it's attracted the attention of a deity looking to leech off the cult's fervor.
  • 5 || Metalworkers and supplies of iron have both gone missing as a cult dedicated to Darahl Firecloak builds a mammoth creation in tribute, to help bolster the power of an avatar of Darahl.
  • 6 || A northern city's port has remained ice locked far into spring, and the people fear it may never thaw again. Some rogue clergymen of Valkur, most of which work on ships now ice-locked, have begun resorting to sacrificing things to Valkur to entice him to break the ice. Meanwhile, a wereshark warlock of Umberlee uses his dark powers to keep the port frozen to coerce ship captains into agreeing to extortionate loans.
  • 7 || A cult of Silvanus jealously guards a grove on the edge of a city. Anybody attempting to damage the trees goes missing.
  • 8 || Rival cults of Set and Horus-Re have been rapidly stepping up violence against each other, seeking to purge the city of heretics. Can the players stop them before more innocents are harmed?
  • 9 || A greedy archaeologist has gathered some fame-hungry students to perform sacrifices to a deity of the sea to raise a sunken city, but doing so would cut the city's port off from the sea.
  • 10 || Strange graffiti has been chiseled out of buildings in the market district by a cult of a dwarven craftsgod, to restore health to the struggling dwarven population at the expense of the other races. 

Do you have more ideas for why a cult has formed and become a nuisance for your heroic adventurers? Leave a comment below!

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