D10 List of Planets

Hi, Garmbreak1 here again. I came across an old d6 Space supplement in my travels, and decided to take a crack at coming up with some interesting systems. This set is mainly places that have lost contact with the greater human/galactic government. A future set will focus on systems that are part of the greater whole.

1. Poolarth-IV

The thick atmosphere of Poolarth-IV makes breathing highly difficult outside of the climate-controlled human city. The human population is the remnants of some kind of religious order from the old world. A warp drive malfunction led to them crashing on Poolarth-IV, where the remnants of their ship protected them from the oppressive atmosphere. Hundreds of years have passed since those hazy days, and the sect's birth control prohibitions have led to chronic overpopulation. Despite the constant building and digging, most of the population is forced to live in very small pods, little more than a bed and just enough height to sit up in. The rest of the planet is populated by a race of aliens with long, thin fingers, who use echolocation instead of sight to get around.

2. Exotara & The Temple Moon

The Temple Moon floats high above Exotara. A few years prior to the PCs' arrival, a pandemic resulted in the complete sterilization of Exotara's population. The years since have been endless chaos on the surface as people struggled to cope, throwing themselves into reckless hedonism, bizarre faith, or nihilistic violence. One small subset formed a personality cult around Eir Valthron, who has convinced them that some great deity has cursed this world and they shall never again hear the cries of children unless they transform the entire moon into a gargantuan temple in Its honor.

This is, of course, not actually true, but the endless hard labor has kept the moon cult focused, and any poor soul who tries to escape the chaos below soon finds themselves inducted into the cult and forced to work alongside them. They either learn to like it or die in an "accident."

3. "The World of Pillars"

A dead world struck by a nanite weapon. The weapon painfully and ruthlessly deconstructed any carbon entity and reformed it into a solid pillar of dull, black carbon. This was meant to aid in cleanup in the coming conquest, but whoever set off the weapon never arrived to reap the spoils. All that is left is cities populated by pillars, forests made of pillars, and so on.

4. Lemuria

A series of buoyant artificial "islands" floating in a human-breathable layer of a gas giant. Rigs "drill" into the lower layers to bring back valuable hydrocarbons, which power most of this world's technology. This work is dangerous and the death rate is high. The population is kept up by frequent cloning; familial relationships are non-existent. The exact number of gene templates in use is unknown.

5. Δύναμη ("Dynami")

Δύναμη (pronounced "Dynami") is a world of roughly mid-20th century tech level used by outsiders as a testbed for genetically engineered war-beasts, which are frequently released near random settlements on the planet's surface. The general aesthetic of the planet is WW2 militaria. Most of the industry of the planet, such as it is, is bent towards weapons and armor production to fend off the mysterious beasts that crawl out of the wastes.

6. The Fogaldi-Xyol System

This system has two inhabited planets: The gas giant of Fogaldi and the sprawling metropolis-planet of Xyol. Both societies have been at war for longer than anyone can remember. The war is fought in fits and starts, whenever the planets are close enough for launches between the two are viable. In the years, sometimes decades, between battles, the populations repair damage and mourn the losses the vile citizens of the other planet inflicted upon them.


Dead world. Contains one settlement, located on the equator, which consists of a large main base and five satellite bases, linked by an underground rail network. The satellite bases form a circle and are equidistant from each other. The official insignia of this base appears to be an old Earth goat's head. The base might contain valuable ancient technology. It might contain horrible dangers. It probably contains both.

8. New Ada

This planet is undergoing a major economic boom, as everybody invests their savings in IznopCorp, which claims to be reinvesting them in the Galactic government they claim to be back in contact with. Bad news: They aren't. And the players show up with an interstellar-capable ship just as the mastermind is looking to take the money and run.

9. Whalesong

Whalesong is a warm world covered in a nearly-endless sea. When it was originally colonized, it was nearly Earthlike, with deep seas and broad continents. Now, those continents are submerged, and the ruins of the original colonies and later cities are strewn across them. A single land-based settlement remains on the peak of a former mountain, but the seas are populated with a mix of gene-altered sapient dolphins, sapient whales and humans altered to live in the depths. The easy-to-access ruins were stripped for resources long ago, but players may be able to salvage from harder-to-reach ruins.

10. Wreckage

This supermassive star has some kind of bizarre property that pulls ships out of hyperspace if their path passes too close to it. Orbiting the star is a bizarre and labyrinthine "space station," built out of lost ships hastily bolted together. The small population of deranged cultists that call it home survive by pilfering supplies from the ships that get stranded here, and they'd quite like to add the player's ship to their home.

And that's it for now. Hopefully you and your players enjoy these strange places on the frontier of known space.

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