D10 List: Random Forest Encounters

Hey, Garmbreak1 here again with another d10 list. This time, forest encounters! Perfect for otherwise-dull travel through the woods. Most of them are fairly setting-agnostic and thus can be put in any fantasy setting where there's a road going through the trees, and with a little adaptation most could work for scifi as well. Again, as long as there's trees. If you're running Cyberpunk 2020 this may not be helpful, but there's goodies for you in the future, worry ye not. 

If it turns into a fight, or need an encounter map, you can use Hikaru's recent forest path map, or make your own with the Forest asset pack!

  • 1 || An adventurer's pack sitting in the middle of an open field. You can see the glint of metal in one of the pockets, and it looks like it might be a gold coin. (This is a trap set by some more-cunning-than-average but still somewhat inept kobolds. The bag is, in fact, loaded with gold coin and they've been using it to lure adventurers, then ambush them and demand they hand over all of their food [and occasionally a nice bauble or two])
  • 2 || A small wolf cub has been stalking the adventuring party as they walk down the road. If they scare it off and then follow it, they find its den, with its dead mother just outside. (Warning: This will probably result in your players trying to adopt it.) 
  • 3 || A supernaturally fast child in a skull mask swings down from the trees and grabs something (Hat, weapon, bag?) from one of the players before scampering off into the woods. 
  • 4 || Some abnormally beaver-like goblins (big chompers, etc) have built a beaver dam just downriver from the road, which has resulted in the road being washed out. The gobeavers aren't all that troubled by it, and this is their home now, so it's not their problem.
  • 5 || Every time a merchant caravan travels through this forest, a moose comes out of the woods, kicks out one of the wheels, and flees. If the caravan is left alone, it's always stripped of anything of value by the time the owners get back. (Druids are assholes.) 
  • 6 || The adventurers stumble upon a run-down cottage with an old lady in a rocking chair out front. She invites them in for tea and is very insistent they stay the night. (she's completely harmless just really eccentric and lonely and you seem like such NICE young kids [she calls you kids regardless of how old you are. yes, even the 900 year old elf cleric in your party.]) 
  • 7 || The players stumble across a temple of black stone after getting lost. All the grass around it is dead. It's been elaborately sealed up, both physically and magically. (Probably a demon, but go nuts.)  
  • 8 || The players run across a dead animal by the side of the road. It's starting to be overgrown by foliage, but no animal has eaten any of it. 
  • 9 || A merry man in a plaid tunic whistles a jaunty tune as he pulls a heavy cart full of logs. He's not making very quick progress, but if asked he explains that his ox broke her leg last week, so he's doing the best he can. If the burly barbarian (or other fighter class) in your group can help him pull the wagon, there's a little bit of money and a nice, warm meal in it for you. (And probably some more work after.) 
  • 10 || A horse runs by the party, obviously terrified. One of the group notices that there's a prosthetic leg still in the stirrup. Another couple hundred meters down the way, they find a one-legged half-orc hopping on one leg and looking quite displeased about how his day is going. 

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