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That’s all, folks. It’s been a very strange 15 months since we filmed these episodes and it’s taken way too long to get them out. But I put my all into editing them and went the extra mile to make each episode special. You all have my sincerest thanks for your support and patience. 

The kickstarter for this was thrust upon me without much warning, not to mention the insane promises like future seasons and bonus episodes. Personally I feel I’ve said what I wanted to with this series, so it’s future is up in the air. 

If there’s ever to be a season 3, it can’t be for a long while. I would need to be in a different place and have a different story to tell. Or conversely, i could drop the seasons gimmick and just do it as a regular youtube show whenever it’s convenient and i have someone to cohost. Both ways would have their advantages and drawbacks, but for now i don’t want to think about it. 

I think what we have here with season 2 is a pretty perfect little statement that i’m happy with and wouldn’t want to cheapen. I did briefly have an outline in my head for what season 3 *could* be, but the logistics of what i had planned for it are too much and basically impossible. 

In any case season 2 is done. Fuck it. Whatever. I’m dead. 

Standing back and looking at the completed work, I’m very proud of the series as a whole. Both the straightforward reviews of season 1 and the deconstructionist nightmare narrative of season 2. Really, it’s all just another chapter in the story I’ve been cursed to chronicle all the way. 

I am after all, a historian, decrepit and hoary but never boring. The librarian of lore. The last reliable narrator. 

I’m a goddamn one winged angel. I demand tribute. Send me cocaine in the mail. I’m a lightning bolt fucking an iceberg. I eat alligators and shit crocodiles. Ghetto Millionaire, Big Cat Jungle Man, Sexual Super Star. Soul Brother Satan here to PREACH to the people. 

P H I L A N T H R O P Y. 

R E S P E C T.

E A T  P U S S Y. 

i hope the pleeb and the weeb can take its place next to the horseshoe saga as something i did that actually means something and can be regarded as an accomplishment. I see it as a worthy successor, if not a step up. Narrower in scope but more focused thematically. Or something.

The themes here are different but a natural progression. I am still me after all, although i am mostly multiple me's, and not all of me are me all the time. 

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go get my dick sucked and shoot myself in the head. I hope i don’t survive. 

A L W A Y S  K I C K I N G  A S S.

C O O L !

H A M.