Dacia 1.38b UPDATE!
1.38 had added few things, buffed FROST, and added ONYXIA dungeon, this is continuation of that. We are preparing for 1.39 (Non patreon update) and then 1.4 with tier 4. Stay tuned!

Added 1.38b
(NEW) Command to enable patreon visual bonuses '-patreon'
(NEW)Patreon only effects! (Support us! https://www.patreon.com/antarcticPuppy)
(NEW) Command -fire (Patreon only)
(NEW) Command -energy (Patreon only)
(Changed) Onyxia's Eye: +60 all stats +500mana +500hp -> +120DMG +2000hp
(Changed) Reforged Onyxia's Eye +60 all stats +2000 health +armor 15 -> +health 3000 +armor 40
(Changed) Scarred Onyxia's Eye +60 all stats +70dmg +500health -> +70DMG +5% lifesteal
(Changed)Changed Taunt -> Heroic Shaut
(Changed)Naga (All tiers) Taunt -> Heroic Shaut
(Changed)Defender (All tiers) Taunt -> Heroic Shaut
(Buffed) Naga Lord (T3) strenght per level 4.0 -> 4.4
(Buffed)Onyxia's basic DMG 3100 -> 4000
(Buffed)Onyxia's basic DMG speed 1attack/1second -> 0.90atacck/1second
(Buffed)Changed Heroic Shaut range 450units -> 600units
(Buffed)Changed Heroic Shaut duration 0.1s -> 5s
(Buffed)Frost Lord (T3) Inter per level 2.4 -> 3.1
(Buffed)Frost Lord (T3) Starting INT 20 -> 23
(Nerfing)BCR last boss hp reduced by 35% ( 2500000 -> 1495000 )
(Nerfing)BCR last boss regen reduced 1000 -> 950 hp/s
(Fixed)Skeleton King's Unknown Gloves of the Dead now matches his description.
(Removed)Save2 and Load2 no longer ingame.
(Removed)Honor no longer ingame.
(Removed)Wings no longer obtainable ingame
(Removed)Underworld quests
(Possible)Some bugs may appear in preparation for T4 that will be in weeks!(SoonTM)