Daddy Matters (Word count 3344)

Daddy Matters (Word count 3344) 

by Angelika Devlyn – Half Angel | Half Naughty Little Devil

“My life is a sham.”

“The answer is still no.”

“But…Why can't I have one now, Daddy? Why not?” I whine, and not for the first time today. “All my friends have one!”

“That's because all your friends are like you, Chelsea. Spoiled. This time I am putting my foot down.” A manicured hand removes the penis-shaped, waterproof jelly vibrator from my hand, switches it off and places it back on the shelf. “You’ve got to learn you can't have everything you want as soon as you demand it.”

I sigh. 

I am twenty-five years old, acting about five. Maybe six, at a push. A big kid living in a grownup body some may say. I will admit, I have a childlike outlook on life and the grownup world often eludes me. That’s why I have a Daddy, a boyfriend twenty years my senior. He calls me his little girl and treats me like one. I love him for it. 

When we first met in Billies, a café in Cambridge city centre, not only did we connect, but the dynamics of our relationship stood out instantaneously. We’ve only been together for about six weeks, which is both exciting and scary. Usually he spoils me rotten when we visit our local ‘Sex-R-Us’ shop, but for some reason today I am just not getting my own way. This failure to get what I want is driving me mad. He’s such a dark-haired enigma to me. 

I try another tactic and look at my Daddy with what I hope appears like adorable puppy-dog eyes and give him my best bottom lip pout. It’s a cute, practiced look that often works to my advantage. Can he really resist such an angelic face?

“Chelsea, Sweetheart, you have a whole selection of dildoes in your bedroom. What on earth do you want another one for?’ I purse my lips, and clock his stern, ‘I mean-business’ look. This is going to be harder than I first thought. 

All my life I just wanted to be the centre of attention. Be hugged, loved and completely cared for. Right, now Daddy didn't seem to care at all! I stomp my foot to exaggerate my disapproval.

“But this one is different, Daddykins,” I purr. “It comes with a second attachment that be used either to stimulate the clitty or go up the bum, whilst the bigger part stays in my pussy.” I was not walking out of the shop without a waterproof jelly vibrator; a pink one, too, to match my Pink Princess bedroom, so I keep pushing. “It's special and I'm special. You're always telling me so. We go together. Special toy for a special girl, right?”

“True you are special, but you need to be taught a lesson. One more word from you and you are in big trouble, young lady!”

“What do you mean by that?” I ask, playing with my pigtails.

“I said one more-”

“That was six, Daddy, not one!’ I smirk, swishing my skirt from left to right, really going for it now.

“Right!” he said and grabbed my hand dragging me through the shop. “Do you know what you have just done, Chelsea Elizabeth Jackson. What you've just said?”

I have a Cambridge Master’s degree in clinical psychology and psychiatry. I specialised in child behavioural problems. My thesis was about parental control and the paradox of power. If anyone knew what I meant, it was me. I bit my lip and kept that thought to myself. I did not want to go too far. By the look in his eyes I was in enough trouble already. I didn't need to go over the top.

Adamant I had already made my point I mumble something about it not mattering.

Clearly it did.

He stopped dead in his tracks in front of a huge wall display of leather studded lingerie, crossed his arms and glared at me. Creepy Derek the sex shop owner overheard our conversation, and blatantly leans forward on the counter, eager to hear more. What a perv! Guess that comes with the territory. Like the time he talked about making more money by building a dungeon to attract more punters to visit Sex-R-Us. I mean, come on. This is hardly, Soho, London.

“I asked you a question, young lady!” He had noticed my lack of attention. “Now, if you don't answer me this instant, I'm going to pull down your panties and smack that naughty little bottom of yours in front of everyone in this shop!”

I look around. A whole bunch of people had gone quiet and were looking our way. Derek’s insane grin didn’t pass me by either.

“You wouldn't dare!” I goad, spurred on by the extra attention.

Three seconds later I really wished I hadn't.

Daddy grabbed my bare arm, thrust his leg out and flipped me over his knee. With one hand holding me tight around the waist, the other flicks up my skirt and yanks down my panties to the back of my knees. The cold air on my bottom is immediately replaced with a harsh butt warming spank, which I must add really hurts. Several more heavy-handed whacks followed to the tune of “Don’t-you-ev-er-speak-to-me-like-that-a-gain!” Bottom stinging, he then flips me back up and drags me by the hand through the naughty book stands and kinky gift box isles, straight towards a door at the back of the shop. We pass some highly amused shoppers who nudge and point in my direction. So embarrassing! To make matters worse, Daddy didn't even wait for me to pull up my knickers, so not only was my burning bottom on display but my hot pink panties hung round my Mary Janes and I had to take funny little steps to keep up with him. The meanie.

When we step through the door he leads me into a secret backroom I never knew existed. I mean, I’d heard about the dungeon, but I didn’t know Creepy Derek had really gone ahead and built one. A flash of whips and chains assault my eyes. Narnia for perverts. 

Behind me I heard the door swing shut and then reopen. People had followed us in. I will them to go away, but as I do more people trickle in. 

That’s when it dawns on me something isn’t right. 

Taking me by his strong hand, Daddy leads me purposely further into the room. We pass a wall completely covered with erotic photos of real people dong some pretty hardcore stuff on benches and various bits of machinery. Odd looking contraptions I can tell you: one was even in the shape of a cross!  As Daddy led me deeper into the room I noticed more black walls decorated with leather whips and silver chains, but it was the strange furniture I found myself surrounded by that really made me do a double take. That, and the fact that I was being taken towards a large display bench in the centre of the room, just like I’d seen in some of the photos! 

Before I can say that I’m sorry and won’t do it again, Daddy pushes me down on the bench tummy first, lifts up my skirt and whips off my panties. A trickle of warm, slick moisture oozes out between my legs. I squeal at the thought of what the onlookers can see by now, but my protest is short lived. He walks around to the front of me, bends down and lifts up my chin forcing me to face him. His lips curl into a wicked smile as my white cotton knickers are shoved into my mouth. 

“If you try to get up or spit out your gag or stop what I have planned for you, I will double your embarrassment! Do you understand?”

I nod my response fast and furiously; eager to prove my newfound obedience. From behind me a few sadists cheer; laughing at my expense. A wave of heat burns through my cheeks. Arousal I can’t control courses through my system like a drug. Right now I both hate Daddy for embarrassing me so much, but love that he cares enough to correct my naughtiness. I yearn for his dominance. His love. His training. It’s how our relationship works. My need feeds his.

“Your safeword is allowed, but trust me, you will not need it. I know what you need, and you are going to get what I think you deserve.”

Stroking my hair Daddy looks up around the room. “Anyone care to assist me correcting this naughty little girl?” A chatter of voices follow, far more than I expect, and then some idiot shouts out.

“I will!”

He was way too cheerful for my liking. I groan inwardly.

The room falls silent. Footsteps behind me draw closer. A finger touches my pussy, making me flinch, it tickles. I try to look behind to see what was going on, but Daddy pulls my face back to his and looks deep into my eyes. Knowing that being his good girl would please him, I resist struggling and try harder. The quicker I take my punishment, the quicker I can have cuddles and hugs, and be back in Daddy’s good books. At least, that was the plan.

The man behind me shuffled to my side, placing one hand on my bottom and the other gently strokes my clit. I let out a muffled yelp and look up at my Daddy for help. I had never been shared like this before. “Do not come, baby girl, until I tell you,” he said, not taking his green eyes away from mine. Strange, how being told no, that I couldn’t do something, weirdly makes me want to do it even more. 

Determined to do the right thing, I look up and focus with all my might on my Daddy’s clean-shaven face, and will myself not to come yet. But the stranger behind me was making it oh, so difficult and lightly twirls his finger against that little nub of flesh usually only reserved for my Daddy. I love it. I nearly come in front of all these people at the hand of another man. 

When the stranger slips his finger inside me I am shamefully wet! Heat rises to my face yet again. I know that the way he is holding me from the side, anyone behind has full view of my bottom, and what he is doing to my sopping wet pussy. Then, as if to embarrass me even further, the man inserts another finger in, then a third and a fourth. I didn’t even know that was possible, but his fingers slip in far too easily. I try to fight against my reactions to his touch, but when he begins to pump in and out of me my resolve starts to fade. I will simply die if I do not come soon. 

My eyes start to droop and Daddy slaps my face, bringing me back into the room. A temporary distraction, for I know I cannot hold on much longer. When the stranger pulls his fingers out I nearly cry with a mixture of relief and the frustration of not being made to come in public. I’m so close, so in need of filling, so desperate. 

I wriggle my bottom up higher into the air, a silent plea for the release I need. Instead, the stranger puts his arms tightly around my body and holds my lower half down. In front of me, Daddy takes my head in between both his hands to keep me in place.

“Brace yourself, baby girl,” Daddy said with a smirk. At this point, I have to admit, I start to worry, unsure to what is going to follow. 

Something buzzes behind me. Without looking I just know what it is; the penis-shaped, waterproof jelly vibrator in Princess Pink. Exactly the one I begged for. I could tell by the noise it made. Oh, what a cruel twist of fate. I am going to get what I wanted for sure. Just not how I thought I would. I should have known defying Daddy wouldn’t do me any favours.

The tip nudges my pussy, but doesn’t go in. He’s just teasing me a little. I’m a tad annoyed he just won’t let me come when I want. But when the vibrator touches my bottom hole, these feelings are immediately replaced by panic and shame. Excitement grows as he slides the vibrating willy into my juiced up bum hole with a snugness that curls my toes. My body tenses, then relaxes spasmodically as my orgasm builds.

To my surprise a tongue, someone else’s tongue, (one that cannot possibly belong to the stranger holding me down), flicks against my clit with light little bursts teasing me further. I buck and push back for more, urging the tongue to stay in for longer, but being held down with a vibe up my butt, my movement’s restricted. I bite down hard on my saliva drenched panties and howl like a wild thing. All decorum lost amidst my need for release. I’m wailing like a banshee. Drooling like someone insane. I don’t need a mirror to tell I look a complete mess. It’s devil of a position to be in.

The rogue tongue comes back for more of me and licks my pussy up and down. I scream through my gag at my Daddy, begging for his command to come. I grip the edge of the bench hard, my body stiffens, my pussy contracts; fighting the urge to come without Daddy’s approval.

“Do not come yet, little girl!” He commands, as though reading my mind like he always seems to be able to do.

I hear a girly giggle behind me. Sharp nails dig into my fleshy thighs. A sweet narcotic scent, possibly jasmine mixed with vanilla wafts under my nose. It takes a moment for me to realise I am being licked out by a woman. I am shocked, horrified and yet hugely aroused at this new experience. I’ve never played with a girl before, or even considered it, but she’s good. Very good. All my prejudices dissolve away. I hear her moan with pleasure and for a fleeting moment, I wonder if someone is doing her at the same time her tongue is working on me. It’s a thought that nearly sends me over the edge. Right now, all I know is if she carries on like this, I will simply explode in her mouth.

I sense more people crowd around me. Moving closer to watch. Different hands pull my legs further apart. My knees lift up off the floor. I cling onto the bench for support. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know they are playing with me, like one of the many dolls I own. Strangers have their hands all over my body, as they manipulate my legs into the positions of their choice, like a limbed doll unable to move without help. A camera flash goes off in my face almost blinding me. My tummy does cartwheels. How many other photos like this have been taken? What if someone was filming all this? Where will they end up? I could be future wank fodder for all and sundry. Such a scary, yet fucking horny thought! 

Slow licks continue to taste every inch of my dripping slit as she milks me with her tongue in all the right places. I sense she knows exactly what to do, perhaps because she also likes it like this herself. 

The Pink Princess is turned up a notch and the continuous tickly sensation turns into a strong, intermittent pulse. My eyes dart around the room, but my view is limited and I cannot focus. Everything’s a blur of faceless onlookers all enjoying the show. 

Suddenly, the room feels too hot. My long white socks have uncomfortably slipped down around my ankles. I can’t hear much over my own panting. Another flash lights up the room from behind. Several more flashes follow. Horrified that my most private parts are open, exposed and being photographed for all to see I bite down harder on my panties gag. I am the centre of attention and strangers are getting off over my humiliation. I’m shamefully embarrassed. So why do I feel so horny? 

Just when I think I can take no more Daddy sternly announces the words I am waiting for.  

“Come for me, little girl. Come as if it’s your first time. Come hard and come fast like a good come-slut!!”

At his order I melt, consumed by his very words. The commanding tone of his deep voice. His power over me. With his permission I can finally let myself go. I writhe against the woman’s open mouth and that relentless flickering tongue of hers, with a non-stop vibrator pulsating in and out of my bum. I cannot believe what is happening to me. This woman, along with everyone else watching, is driving me wild. I’m delirious with need; an insatiable hunger to come. And I’m almost there, but something is holding me back. Perhaps it’s because I’m behaving like such a wanton whore, happy to be used and abused. I’m such a drooling mess, I don’t even know who I am anymore. An animalistic instinct I cannot control has taken over. All my inhibitions and morals have vanished. A demonic possession? Either way, all I want is my release. 

Any way. Any how. By anyone. 

Then it happens. A haze of inescapable pleasure clouds my mind, and purges me of the last fragment of control from which I clung. I fall from grace and start to come. A guilty ecstasy shudders through me, controlling my reactions. My body is no longer my own. I buck underneath her expert tongue. Right on queue she moves up to my pulsing clit, latches on and sucks hard. It’s explosive. Possessive. Relentless. I’ve never felt so good being so naughty. Finally, I have died and gone to heaven! 

When I came back down to earth, feeble and weak, Daddy removes my sodden panties from my mouth and sweeps me up in his arms. He holds me tight and my breathing calms. Despite the room being full of people jeering and clapping, we are alone in our love for each other. "What a crowd puller you are sweetheart,” Daddy said, and kisses me gently on the forehead. I look up and see Creepy Derek push his way through our fans. He’s heading straight for us, with a real crazy guy grin on his face. No doubt he was going to spring another one of his harebrained, moneymaking ideas on my Daddy. One I wasn’t going to like. I just knew.

“Yes, yes!” Derek grinned, showing a dirty row of yellow teeth. “We'll be making sex shows at Sex-R-Us a regular feature. The next one will star you getting it up both ends at the same time. Now, who will complete our threesome? The janitor? Or maybe your sister with a strap-on? That would be huge.”

Derek continues to babble about his next get-rich-quick scheme far too enthusiastically for my liking. I gulp and hope Daddy is thinking that I’ve been punished enough. Exhausted, I snuggle against Daddy’s chest under his protection. How lucky I am. This is a man who totally, and unconditionally understands my freaky nature and that I have days where I don’t cope so well in such a grown up world. Any blame or guilt I have, Daddy makes that all go away. He always knows what is best for me, his little girl. To some he may be the devil in disguise, feeding off my neediness, but I’m no angel. I know my halo has slipped and I don’t care. We give each other purpose. And purpose is what life is all about.  

“Well, Derek,” Daddy replies reaching out to shake his hand. “It’s definitely something else I will consider next time Chelsea misbehaves like a spoiled brat again.”

Like I said, my life is a sham, and most peculiar at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

Copyright Angelika Devlyn . All rights reserved. 

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