Hi All Earth Angels this is my very first Vlog from my u tube channel I have been blogging and posting on other sites for some years now but this is the first to my Patreon site.  I will be using this Vlog along with an explanation to my existing Touched by Angels clients worldwide to test their response so here goes:

As a Lightworker, Psychic and Reiki Master have over the past 30 or so years experienced coloured visions, visits from Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Paul Veronese the artist from mid 15th century who helps with my artwork.  Apart from Michael who appeared as a full bodied (very handsome, tall, blond haired smiling male!)  appeared as a picture in mid air as did a picture (yes in a frame too!).  Bear in mind it was a vision and not a solid frame!

Also when I was in San Francisco I was sat in the airport browsing the Mexican menu there in 1993 but I only had a few dollars left.  Suddenly a blond haired Texan woman dressed as a cowgirl appeared dressed from top to toe in white.  A white Stetson hat fringed jacket,, white cowboy boots.  She stood in front of me and said "How much do you need". I looked up at her and said $15, but I cant take money from you.  She instantaneously put exactly $15 into my hand.  I looked at my hand, looked back up at her which took only seconds and she had completely disappeared.  I swear to this day she was an Angel.  

I have never published this true story but would like to share it with all my patrons.  

Here is a short u tube video of today's angel card I drew from Kyle Gray's deck of  cards.  Kyle is a young Scottish spiritual whiz kid who I love for his work and down to earth honest work with the Angels and Spirit life as he embraces both with new life...JOY .......today's card from me to you.

Please pledge $1 to receive regular vlogs and true up to date Angel Messages from the Angels and Archangels who communicate with me as most of you know already. This work takes time money and effort.  If you break down the single dollar or sterling pound into weeks its only about 25p or cents a week.

I am in the process of updating my website to make it more interative and like everything in life it costs money so please if you are interested in my Angel and Spiritual work  I say thankyou and am truly grateful for your donations, no matter how small because I truly love love love doing spiritual readings, writing articles for Magna Intuitum, publishing Angel photos and stories in my books.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Patreons for your interest....

May love, light and laughter fill your days until you sparkle with JOY!

P.S. Sorry if I sound a bit miserable in some of my videos I put it down to being a down to earth Capricorn with Saturn as my influencing planet! 

Christine Snowdon