Daily Blessings: A Blessing on a Journey.
"A blessing on your time away from home, and on the road.  A blessing on the in-between, the liminal space, the borderlands you will inhabit.  May the road you take be blessed.  May the leaving of home be done with ease. May you encounter kindness upon the road, strangers who show the very best of themselves, and may there be hospitality and delightful turns of good luck, serendipitous meetings, and quiet moments too, so that you can absorb the adventures of each day.  May the purpose of the journey be blessed.  May the plans you made be exceeded by their reality.  May all go more than well for you.  Arrive home safely, enriched with discovery, inspired and open-hearted, and full of love for this world we dwell within, for it is wondrous, and this you have found to be the truth."

And I will add, "May Saint Christopher be with us, to lead us there and guide us back in safety and blessings."  :)