Daily Bread 3: Ow. And a lack of hay.
This fetching picture of Relationsheep isn't from today but from the 1st, which is the last time we saw sunshine. Today and yesterday were dreary, cold, and damp, which has led to my chronic pain playing up in horrific and demoralizing ways. Meanwhile, we still haven't found a new hay supplier, so the sheep and goats are eating incredibly expensive alfalfa pellets for the moment. Nonetheless, mom came up for a visit and we ran every errand I've been putting off for the last couple of months, which means I now own a 2nd pair of jeans that fit and a pair of shoes that have actual arch support. Well, given that they're Chuck Taylors, they acquired arch support after I put orthotic inserts in them. But hey, happy feet! Yay! And the sheep and goats got fed twice (because pellets), and the dogs and cats got fed, and I got fed, and even the Husband got fed. Tomorrow is my weekly shrink appointment and I need to call and make a couple doctor's appointments, one for me and one for Furryosa the Kitten. And continue the quest for hay.