Daily Fitspirations Dec. 11 - Dec. 17
 These are the Fitspirations for the past week. They include Claudia Partenza, Dannii Karlsson, Janet Marsico, Jessica Lex, Keena Moleena, Kimberly Jean Rieck, Kristy Enos (including some extra shots I got of Kristy at the Olympia), Kylene Lima, Liset Rodriguez-Galan, Patricia Bentrovato, Patricia Smith, Rhonda Lee Quaresma, Rosy Cruz, Shirley Mitrou, Tea Save, Teresa Bragado, Tina Samson ....and of course, Megan Avalon. Download and enjoy. :)

Modeling care of Keena Moleena

Photography care of Robert Masino and MusclePinups.com