Daily Diary - 9th September
Well...it's Saturday and I'm a bit later in posting today.

The only news I really have to share is that I've managed to find a comic flatter to help me with my work load.

What's a comic flatter? You ask...here's a video I made for my patrons a couple of years ago that will explain some of it.


Anyway it will help me a lot to have all the comic pages flatted so I can concentrate on drawing them and colouring them.

On another subject we have been watching the Alien films - in chronological order - starting with Prometheus and then the new one, Covenant and then back to the first one.

It's been really enjoyable - we watch a film a night and I look forward to that couple of hours when we sit down, eat and are enthralled :)

They really are incredibly well made films

Have a good day and stay safe