The Daily Dig 7/28/17
It's Freebie Friday, so this post is public. Since the whole world (or really all three people who click this) can see, I made sure to pick a heavyweight. Today's post comes at the recommendation of a friend. His band (who are also awesome) had a gig with Innumerable Forms out west last month and I checked 'em out after he posted about it. His taste in music is spot on, but I was still surprised by how hard this rips.

While I'm sharing their newest, a promo release from last year, everything on their bandcamp is pure gold and none of it's terribly long. You could tear through the whole bandcamp page and still have free time to do it again. If you're like me, you'll want to do just that. The fusion of muscular groove and old-school death metal worship here lends itself to a perfect middle ground between early NYDM and Finnish legends of the 90s. Perfect blend. Perfectly filthy. Get into it.

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