Daily Doodle - Tuesday, April 5th
Sorry that I missed yesterday's Daily Doodle guys. It was just a little chaotic and the Daily Doodle got away from me!

Today, I have another original character. Since my husband has challenged me to do one comic page from one of my stories, I've started pondering who's story I want to explore. This character, who doesn't even have a name yet, is probably from my least flesh out story. I wanted to tell a fun girl adventuring duo story in a world where mythological creatures, gods, and magic to a degree are real. Sort of Xena and Gabrielle like, but I wanted to have more of an Arabian world. And my duo was going to be someone of low born class and high born - maybe even a Princess with like 6 older brothers or something. Again, very not thought out at all. Just a whole lot of "Oh that would be fun to draw!" ideas.