Daily Dose: Duelyst Quick look

This is going backward a tad, but recently I put up an article about Duelyst; an online, multiplayer, turn-based tactics arena game. Think: a turn-based League of Legends, where you act and react to your opponent in a chess-like manner, taking turns.

You can watch the video and read the full review on Zero Friction, but the gist is I like what I see so far, in its early life. It has aspects of a CCG like Magic:The Gathering meets Blackguards. Counterplay Games seems to have found a really good balance to start with that's easy to get into and accessible with lots of depth.

Look for a podcast I guest-hosted and a new 7 Days To Die Hardcore Solo game soon. I'll be uploading the video tonight. I'll post the podcast as soon as Allahweh has it up.