Daily Dragon Drawing
Hello all! Alright the verdict is in! If you read my last post, I did a soodo test run to see if any would be interested in daily sketchbook sketches from myself! I might opt to make a private tumblr for just patrons with each doodle if you guys feel a little "flooded" Don't want to crowd up anyone's inbox! Each day I'll [do my best to] post one of my sketchbook drawing. It's amazing out of the hundreds of drawings I do monthly maybe 3% actually makes it to the internet. While browsing the sketchbooks of other artists at a convention, I was traumatized by how many beautiful sketches never see the light of day. Artists would reply "that one's not good enough", "I'll finish it later and maybe post it", "that's to old" but I loved them. So much so, I thought what a shame, that if I hadn't caught them right then and there I may have never seen it. All on the notion that the creator didn't think there own work was worth it. I tend to feel the same way about my artwork. Seldom do I post anything that isn't a totally refined piece. All the background work going to waste in a mountain of sketchbooks dating back to 2002 Taking up a spare bedroom in my parents house, who insist on keeping every single one. (Those books should pay rent at this point.) But maybe my patrons see my art the same way I saw those drawings at the con and would like to see them! I'll try and write little synopsis of the sketches to! It can be fun to know where ideas came from! I'll give it a shot! I'd love all your feedback though! And if anyone feels things get to be to cluttered, I'll rotate to a tumblr option. Posting only weekly here on Patreon with a link. Friday sketches will be public! But the rest of the week is for my supports, whom I continue to be grateful to! --- About The Drawing: No better place to start from then the beginning! And yikes was the beginning rough >> Currently the oldest sketchbook drawing relic I have on hand. I was a Freshmen in HighSchool and had only really started drawing a year before that in middle school. Mostly warrior cats and neopets roleplay characters. At least I had some concept of shading...absolutely no concept of anatomy lol. As always thanks for your support! ~Ruby