The Daily Good Morning Afternoon Re-past - January 8th 201(6)7
Poor Poor Fish...He’s traded liberty and justice for bread and a roof over his head

“If there cannot be a redistribution of wealth, an equal portion of loaves and ceilings for all could suffice.”

The Daily Good Morning Afternoon Re-Past (To Laugh That We May Not Weep) - Originally published January 8th, 2016

***Our daily look back at this time, last year.***

Over the course of the year, Poor Fish has woken quite a bit more than his 1922 self...while he's still often unsure about which way is forward, he is definitely asking questions in the correct direction... 


#ForeverBernie #NoWar

#NoDAPL #DefeatGreed #RadicalizePeace #PropagateTheTruth


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