Daily Horoscope: Moon in Scorpio, June 24, 2018

 Moon in Scorpio, Sunday, June 24, 2018 turns the normally calm energy of moon, Mercury in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces in a water Grand Trine into a driving and relentless force as Pluto in Capricorn sextiles both the moon and Neptune to form a Kite Aspect pattern. A Kite needs a reason for the thrust of energy directed toward a goal, which can be found in the opposition of Pluto to Mercury at the tail. All it can take for you to go from pleasant and accommodating to frighteningly powerful in expressing your will is someone telling you "no". You may go to great lengths to prove that, yes, you can, and your results could be quite impressive. You also have the power to convince others that yes, they can. If negative conditions exists in your mind or in your present life (which is only the effect your mind and feelings previously created) you can use that Grand Trine and Kite to do a power cleanse. Have you ever walked a beach after a storm and high seas? The sand is smoothed flat and free of footprints - it looks like a brand new beach. What can you wash clean and renew now?  

Dunnea Rae

Aloha Astro