[The Daily] Layla Saad Made Me a Wild Mystic Woman

I'm a wild mystic woman!

My friend and sister in writing, Patron Layla Saad, just published the conversation she and I had in Episode 15 of the Wild Mystic Woman podcast.

There is everything RIGHT about our conversation...

From the episode description, Layla writes:

"Leesa and I really grappled with what it means for us to be black women who write about identity and race - while trying to defy and decenter the white gaze. It's a must listen." 

There are a few parts of the interview I absolutely LOVE...

I encourage you to listen to the entire 75-minute interview at your convenience AND subscribe to Layla's podcast through iTunes.

Of the 75-minute interview, I want to draw your attention to a small clip just to whet your appetite until you can digest the entire interview. This clip is just one of the multiple sections I love about this interview:

  • [00:25:07 to 00:31:35]  - I share with Layla the specific event which transitioned my writings from healing to activism. Gosh, when I shared this with her, I was chocked up. In fact, you could hear it at the 27:34 mark where I'm getting a bit emotional. 
  • [00:37:03 to 00:37:29] - A rather funny moment that Layla and I had about being censored using the word white in our posts on Facebook. Have a listen if you're looking to lighten your day.

I find it incredibly freeing doing  interviews with patrons who host podcasts...

I had a conversation with Patron Paul Zelizer, host of the Awarepreneurs podcast, about writing, identity, and racist algorithms. What a beautiful conversation we had.

I had a conversation with Patron Naomi Arnold, host of Dream for Others podcast, about whiteness, identity, and the art of curious inquiry. My how I enjoyed our conversation.

I had another conversation with Patron Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, host of League of Extraordinary Introverts podcast, about how to use writing as a form of quiet activism. We ended up chatting for almost two hours (although the recorded part is an hour)! When that interview is published, I'll share it with you.

And there's something incredibly special when I can be in communion with someone who looks like me and has been on the same journey I've been on - but with some profound differences. Patron Layla Saad brings out the best in me whenever we speak and this conversation is a reflection of that.

Please share your reaction and discoveries below after listening to the interview...

Click here to access Episode #15 of the Wild Mystic Woman podcast.