Daily Love Deposit


What words make YOU feel loved?

Daily life sure can drain us dry!  Have you ever noticed how even the  smallest things can tilt the balance in favor of either positive or  negative emotional states?  How much do other’s words and behaviors affect your attitude, especially toward yourself?  Do you feel appreciated by those you love and serve?

 Perhaps you are like most people and have some difficulty expressing  your appreciation for others.  I’ve created a little list to help you  make a “Daily Deposit” of loving words into your loved ones’ emotional banks.   Don’t worry, it’s contagious — if you strive to say some of these  things consistently to those you love and care for, eventually they will  catch on and start giving some of this Love back to YOU!! 

Visit http://franlafferty.com/daily-love-deposit/ to download your copy of the Daily Deposit list!  :O>