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Daily Map - Stonewind Barrow
Deep in the Stonewind Hills is a lonely barrow belonging to a long forgotten nobleman from an ancient time.

It's growing dark as you pass through the muddy streets of the village. The inclement weather and Autumn chill convince you to stop and rest your weary bones and aching muscles at the small inn just outside of town. You quickly learn of the barrow just beyond the village farms to the north. The people normally do not venture there, more out of superstition and respect than because of any known danger. Lately, however, the local swineherd has reported strange sounds emanating from the large mound of earth. Haunting moans and scratching sounds have been described by the young man. Fear has kept anyone from investigating, but the villagers are growing more and more uncomfortable, and the swineherd won't go near the barrow at all.

Will your PCs investigate the secret of the barrow? Will restless undead soon plague the village, attacking the residents at night, or converge on the party as they try and leave the area? What is causing the dead to stir? Has a local disturbed one of the stones ringing the mound, causing the noble buried within to become vengeful until the massive stone is returned to its proper place? Share your stories with me here and let me know how you used this map in your game!

Have fun and, as always, GAME ON!