Daily Poem: You Opened a Door ~ Marianna Fiore
You Opened a Door
~ Marianna Fiore

I don’t know to say why,
my complete friend,
you have opened a door
in the air
of my seclusion,
nor why you make me live
these days
with magnetic joy,
with a fullness
lucid and true.
Perhaps because
you have lips of amaranth
and fingers of hawthorn,
because you have peaches
on your skin and honey
in your blood
or roses for hair.
I only know
that this April
bringes excessive gifts
of vast dawns
and sleepless nights,
heaps up earth, fire and water
and bestows lindens
overflowing with
an intense perfume.
I should like
you to receive
not only flowers
from me,
but have for your own
plants with roots and fruit.
I beg you make me stay
in the needles
of your fantasy,
receive me
in the field of fire,
in the red clamor
of peace and panic
and fill me
with beauty and frenzy:
I am the bee
of your dimension.

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