Daily SGW Updates
We're ready to make it official. Beginning April 1, 2017 we will be offering DAILY updates from the sordid history of SGW - The Southern Gentlemen of Wrestling, right here on Patreon (cheap pop)! In order to access these DAILY updates, a $10 monthly pledge is required. That's under 34 cents per day! 

This day in SGW History will bring you up to speed on the careers of Teddy Spry, "The Duchess" Kimberly Bigglesworth, "USA" Adam Gray, "The Russian" Andre Seminov, tag teams like The Mechanics, Party Time, The Asian Assassins and The Autobodies. PLUS Dame's Division performers like "Lovely" Lurleen Ledwitz, The Poughkeepsie Battle Axe, Miss L Dropkick and "Brazen" Brenda Hill. Hear about classic PPV events like Comeuppance, Barnyard Stampede and Quarrel at the Quarry.

The Southern Gentlemen of Wrestling...a rich history full of failed gimmicks, more bloody than necessary matches, one filthy ring apron and unfortunate circumstance after unfortunate circumstance.

DAILY updates can be yours to enjoy, for a $10/monthly pledge!

For a little brief on the type of glory contained within the SGW archives, here are some audio highlights from SGW history: