G'day my Patrons!

Due to first all the pedo wankers, then this daddy child abuser, and staying up to help out Phily D and Mr Repzion, I kind of burnt myself out.

Combination of burning myself out and getting angrier and angrier then YouTube goes and plays funny buggers with me on a few videos. 

So I just had to step away for a couple of days, get some more sleep and rest and detox from all this evil.

I'll be back soon enough. Got a backlog of requests from people in my inbox. Got things like NRMA and GoldMoney videos which I will be doing at a later stage.  Got some good news which most may already know about the Australian Citizenship questions being adjusted to vet Islam. And a lot of other things coming. Just kind of needed to step back and recharge the batteries.

Hope you all are doing well, and look forward to being a cunt again soon!

 Much love!