Daily Tech News Show - Feb. 11, 2014
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Plus we won't play Nickelback songs around you unless you want us to.
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At 25 cents a show you're helping FIVE TIMES as much as the previous level: SO in addition to the lower level rewards we add:
1. Exclusive Weekly Tech Update Newsletter with further insights around the topics we talk about. (delivered to your Patreon email and posted here)
2. Access to the Treasure Chest, featuring back episodes of the show, show sound effects and music, and special segments from contributors.

AND your name goes on the site in the special Quarter-Backer section
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1. Business card template, featuring exclusive art from Scott Johnson, so you can prove you're a high powered Co-Executive Producer
2. An exclusive monthly freeform audio discussion show about tech topics available in your Patreon RSS feed or here at the site.
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For less than $1 per show you get all lower level rewards PLUS
1. ANALYST LEVEL ACCESS to our Slack team where hosts and listeners alike mix it up about tech news, tech views, and a channel just for spoiling movies.
2. Heads up on the DTNS Analyst hangouts where you can ask questions of the DTNS team
3. Business card template, featuring exclusive art from Scott Johnson, so you can prove you're a DTNS Analyst
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Advisors really love the show and want to help out. As a reward you'll get:

1. To collectively pick one of the topics on the monthly round table show (once it launches). 

2. A free digital print of one of Len’s DTNS-related posters, every month. 

3. AND the occasional chance to appear in video hangouts with Tom and the gang.

Plus all the rewards from the lower-amount tiers!

Includes Discord rewards
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