Daily warmup 7616 July Arkyne
Man, I fell behind on making those Arkyne stickers, I honestly wanted to start off this month with the videos featuring the monster of the week but I'm still building that puppet of the Assistant Director. hoo boy. puppets.

but I've been spending time working on the Arkyne for May and June... hoo boy... sorry about that. those will be in the mail by the beginning of next week, I just need to dash off and have them printed.

as my way of saying sorry for not staying on top of things with the stickers I'm putting an extra large sized (8x10) Arkyne sticker in with the rest, that lovely horned fox creature there on the left. I enjoyed the heck out of making that thing and I can assure you none of us would ever want to try and face down that nightmare monster alone.

okay... I'm going to get back to making these comics and rush off to buy a few more pieces of fabric to finish the director puppet. 

thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me.