Daily warmup 83016 Mally CoCo
based on Lyons' mallows (coconut mallow cakes)hehe this fun cookie was suggested by the super great animator, artist and patron Gemma Bright aka Caat on deviantArt. 

I've never had these cookies before but they have coconut in them and you can't go wrong with that. unless... you're allergic to coconut. then you're going the total wrong way by eating these. I went with a diva/berserker with a magical two toned battle axe. she looks soft but she's got guts and will chop you in half if you cross her or insult her in any way.

twitch stream of the creation of Mally @ https://www.twitch.tv/solomonmars/v/86556844

chop, chop, axe, axe.

yay. :D