Daily warmup art 6216 Tetsuo Shima
daily warmup art 6216 Tetsuo from AKIRA

Akira is by far my favorite animated movie, and the manga is in my top 10 of all time comic series I have to have in my life at all times. The movie sort of changed my life because I saw it at the very impressionable age of 16 when everything is hormones and unfocused anger haha. so this appealed to me. Akira in my mind was how super powers in the real world would go down, very disastrously for nearly everyone involved.

I identified with Tetsuo a little because he was the black sheep of the pack of black sheep he ran with. His friends liked him, probably even loved him but they didn't fully respect him, only enough to keep him around. He was a little unhinged but just seemed like he spent more time by himself

 (alone even when around others) than with the gang or his girlfriend (who isn't his girlfriend in the manga btw)

But his arc of unacceptable of his power, going power hungry, hurting the ones he loves, and then finding inner peace... honestly I feel like that's been my entire life from 16 to 25

(which would be right up to the point I became a vegan)


sorry while typing this I realized some stuff about myself through Akira.


I was going to do a normal sized Tetsuo but meh, doing a little chibi version of him seems more fun and appropriate to my current attitude and emotional state. I'm definitely not my 16 year old Tetsuo-like self, I'm happier and can see not just the movie but even the manga Akira in a different light. 

and if you haven't seen Akira somehow... I... I don't know what to tell you other than see it as soon as you can. Look at it as a animated and cinematic milestone and a storytelling masterpiece. 

it's good. 

so good.

not perfect. 

but what is? hahaa

finished pic and links next post.


thanky doodle dandies! 

music: Akira (remix) by: ZaGa

@ https://soundcloud.com/zaga/akira