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It was an absolute joy to collaborate with my good friend Seth Chapman (OTDE) on this track. He came up with the initial idea, but we bounced ideas off each other a lot over the course of the track's creation. We are both immensely proud of it and happy with the final product.

The most important part of this project for me was challenging the idea that flatsled makes a track boring. I made each instance of flatsled in the track, and I tried to put as much thought and care into it as I could. I also enjoyed making my first kramual in a (major) track, and debuting a little idea I had to combine integration with contact-point-based scenery. But the part I am most proud of is the long low-pressure flatsled curve section near the end. It was surprisingly tedious to make it consistent and smooth but I think it was very much worth it.

This was not a massive undertaking. But I think it was an important one. I strongly believe that in order for Line Rider to have a future, we need to break the mentality that impressiveness is the same as quality, and that tracks need to be "more" detailed, intense, powerful, time consuming, compact, speedy, or even creative, than other tracks in order to be worth anything. Hopefully this track can stand an example of how tracks can be beautiful and entertaining without trying to be "more" of anything than any other track. That is, if we did our job right! If not, we will just have to modify the approach and try again :)

Thanks for reading, and thank you so much to each of you for supporting this odd artistic hobby of mine. And just in case you're wondering, the next release (probably) will be much higher on the impressiveness scale... ;)

Long live Line Rider!

Ben / Rabid

Dec 2017 edit: reuploaded to my second channel due to audio desyncing in OTDE's original upload :/