Geez louise, y'all know how to make two guys feel special. Daniel and I started talking about Creatoring at the end 2016 and spent a lot of time brainstorming how we wanted to structure it and how we hoped it would grow. We never thought it would be anything like what it is. The response has been nothing short of phenomenal. We don't pay to advertise the show anywhere (and don't plan to), relying instead on your word-of-mouth. Apparently, it's working. We just hit 2,000 downloads yesterday. All of our guests have been amazing and we have a lot of awesome people lined up for the rest of the year. 

We both want to keep doing the show for a long time and love doing it for free, but having some extra money come from our wonderful listeners will allow us to do the show more often and at a higher quality. If any of those sounds cool to you, consider pitching a buck or ten and helping out. We understand if you can't or just don't want to. We still love you, just a little less then the others. Maybe tell your friends and family about the show. That'll still help.

Thanks for making this so much fun.

Love you,