DAMON DEMON LOVES PANCAKES Page 6 Drawn by Steven Charles Rosia
This was originally posted for my patrons, now everyone can see it.  This is the next page of the Damon Demon comic, This was drawn by Steven Charles Rosia.  Check out his artwork at http://www.withoutatitle.com.  Steven has finished the mini comic, I’ll post the whole comic here for you guys to see, patrons will see it in advanced.  This weekend patrons can see something  from Tamara as I promised.  

Panel 1- Damon sends a text to friend, a hint to someone who will be featured in his mini series.

Panel 2- This is an overlapping panel that I asked Steven to add after the layout was done.  We see Pesci slowly changing into a demon, who Damon has deemed, “Dexter”.  I wanted to show the skin from Pesci peeling off to suggest “Dexter” was wearing this skin like a suit.

Panel 3- We reveal “Dexter” in his true form.  He had to be redone after I didn’t like his design originally.  I asked Steven to look into legends of skin walkers, wendigoes and other creatures like that.  He came up with this design and I love it.

Panel 4- Dexter starts figting with Damon.  Steven added a line that was in the script establishing that “Dexter” is a name that Damon gave to him and he doesn‘t like it one bit.

Panel 5- a close them exchanging blows.

Panel 6- We understand why “Dexter” is after Damon, it’s plain as simple.  He believes by killing Damon, he’ll earn a big rep in the Demon world since “Dexter” is considered on the bottom of that social ladder.

Panel 7- Damon gives “Dexter” a finishing kick.  This establishes why “Dexter” has to rely on gangs and misdirection in fighting with Damon.  A frontal engagement with Damon isn‘ something “Dexter” is best at achieving.  He’s basically a coward, all talk and visually meant to look intimidating but can be taken down easily by someone like Damon.

Panel 8- A callback to a previous page as we see that “Dexter” seemingly has a glass jaw despite his terrifying appearance.

Hope you enjoy this page.  Stay tuned for this comic in its entirely.  I’ll be posting layouts of the remaining pages since those are done.  Please give a like @ https://www.facebook.com/PhenomenalSpecterX/