Dance, Monkey! Dance!
So.  Laura and I have been pretty lax about doing fun things exclusively for you, our supporters.  We love hosting virtual knit nights, but neither of us really feel like we're entertaining enough to carry that every month.  Anyway...

We were thinking that instead, maybe we would combine the idea of a virtual knit night with making fools out of ourselves (which, lets face it, is what we do best).  Sort of a cross between the ever popular Pinterest Fails and the general idea of on-the-spot experimenting in reality TV shows.  Sound interesting?

At this point we first want to just check with you, our amazing supporters, to see if this is a thing you'd tune in to watch.  We won't be offended if you say no! We want to make sure we're entertaining you to the best of our abilities (and within our schedule allowances) and if this isn't the way to do it, please suggest something! 

If this does sound like something you'd give up part of your day to tune in and participate, then please comment here and let us know! I've started a Pinterest board to just keep the ideas in one place and put a couple dozen ideas on there to get your creative juices flowing.  Here's the link:

The idea would be for us to try out a new craft/technique/recipe while live-streaming so you could interact via typing a message/question/comment.  So, exactly like a virtual knit night but with added fail and hilarity on our part, which we enjoy as much as you do.

Still with me?  Huzzah!  Now here's where you come in. 

Please comment and tell us if you'd tune in, and if so, what would you like to see us try? Please keep in mind that while we adore you guys, we don't want to hold your life up for 4 hours at a time, so let's keep the suggestions to things that can be completed in a couple of hours.  

Maybe you want to see us try to create a super fancy cake with fondant icing and decorative flowers or a recipe you saw on Zumbo or Great British Bake Off?  Or shibori dyeing? Or carving your own stamps? Making jewelry? Pom pom bouquets? cake pops? Origami? Rope Knots? String art? Screenprinting? Fancy nail polish techniques? Hot glue gun things? You tell us!

We look forward to hearing what your suggestions - the sillier the better!