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Loverlies! As promised, here´s the first of the Things I promised to bring you until the end of this year. Hopefully, this one will brighten up your day!

LITTLE BOXES is for everyone, early acess for you with the password BOXED but it will go public in a few days. 

ON THE RUN password will go to 7+ patrons, and LILITH (yes, the one with the full frontal striptease) to 15+ patrons. Sex sells? Hopefully! up your tiers if you feel like it :-D 

Little Boxes:

On the Run:


Oh that night went havoc in the best possible way! Not only the performances went fantastic (and we will DEFINITELY do this again), but the aftershow exploded in that way that in the end we all were dancing naked for hours. Burlesque is a weird and wonderful thing - it wasn´t the first time for me to be naked on a stage (and always feeling good about it because there was a REASON in the story, the image, the situation, to be naked), but I never felt so much as in doing LILITH how strong a human can be by being fully naked in front of dressed people, and feeling great. It´s like saying, hey, here I am. See me. I have nothing to hide because I am, right now, absolutely perfect, and perfectly in place where and how I am. It´s the absolute opposite of being sexually exploited. I so wish we all in the so called western world would feel more natural about nudity. 

The next thing you get will be very sad in return. Almost finished. Arrangement breakthrough yesterday, it´s scary as shit now.

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