Dance to your Heart Beat
Tick tock, tick tock. Every tick of the clock is a tock you used to create a better life or an undesirable future. Right now, all you know is you. All you know is your existence. Only you understand the level of fulfillment that you're experiencing. And it is up to you to have a good human experience. 

Do you want to live life as a child? Free from worry and stress?

Well... Do what I do! I dance to the beat of my heart. Whenever I feel sad, lonely, depressed, or even angry, I put my hand over my heart and appreciate the involuntary beats that keep me alive. Once I feel the beat, the only thing left to do is dance. So I encourage you to dance! Dance like no one is watching! Dance like you are blessed (because you are)! Dance like you have access to the world's best medicine: which is laughter and a genuine smile. Dance like someone loves you and cares for you. Because that someone is me. So dance. Just dance to your heart beat!