Dancing to and sharing stories about "Map of Tasmania" (AFP, Young Punx)
In preparation for the EP Cooker event, I shaved my face (badly), and my chest, arms, and as much of my back as I could manage. And I cut off most of my remaining hair. Because I had been fantasizing making really nice videos with cast and editing and fancy cameras of me doing this to any number of songs, I made these two fan videos. I didn't have an amazing female on hand to do the honors for Hallelujah (and I didn't end up (yet) recording a version to Regina Spektor's "Samson"), but, as I mentioned before -- everything is a rough draft, and everything is a prototype. So, here is me sharing some stories and reflections, dance, and theater, to cutting my beard and hair to, first: Map of Tasmania : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2Peixdjh4c
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