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Danganronpa V3 cover + plans for the next weeks!
Danganronpa V3 comes out tomorrow and I'm super hyped!
Enjoyed the previous games A LOT and can't wait to see how the writers twisted the story of this one as well! :P

Whipped up this cover in just a few days last week beacause as always I realized "oh snap, the game comes soon, I want to do a cover in time!" (which is always a nice challenge IMO, keeps the creative juices flow ;) ), so it's not a super complicated one (I also may have let a bit more low mids in the mix than I'd like, but oh well...); regardless, hope you'll enjoy it!

No other video this week and possibly next week as well, need to prepare for some big Pixel Mixers projects (more info: ) and other big collabs coming up!