Dangerous Words (Patreon Exclusive)
Don't say the words you want to say
Don't challenge them, hush. Just obey.
Your words are dangerous and truth will not be tolerated here
Your eyes, they see what others tend to fear

Do not speak up. Do not cry out.
Your voice is much too powerful,
They'll try to drown it out
The flame you carry, they want to let die out

They never told you
Little girls like you are shunned
Because you threaten to break them wide open,
To dig too deep and expose them
And to be seen so clearly
Is a gift they haven't learned to open.

But I will teach you what I've learned
I will teach you to discern
The facts from fiction, truth from lies
The ways they all try to disguise
What's deep within, the real soul
That hides beneath that mask of old

The cloak he wears,
And all the things he doesn't share
Your sharpened sight will learn to see
To save you from my misery,
From being blinded by the veil
That they all told you was for real

I might change this poem and develop it into two. This was inspired by both the current political events and personal upheaval.

I'm learning lately to both discern and to speak up, even when it upsets people and costs me relationships I previously valued. I'm especially learning to let go of many things I previously thought about myself, like that I was worthless, and to replace that conditioned idea with something closer to the truth - my truth, as it were - that I didn't "belong" because I was a challenger, someone who believed strongly that the status quo needed to change.

My personal life mirrors much of the dynamics of this political climate. I'm getting out from under an abusive partner and taking back my power. As I've been doing that, I've also started speaking out more about the racism in this country. I'm starting to be braver and challenging folks I wouldn't have challenged before. As a POC, I fear backlash greatly when I use my voice, but I am learning to speak despite the fear. I feel like it is another way I am taking back my power.