The Dangers of Training With Steel Targets
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Here I'm talking about the potential dangers of using steel targets in training. Not the physical dangers, but the training scars that can easily develop. 

The first of the primary dangers has to do with becoming too acclimated to the "ping" of hitting the steel. In time you can be led to pursue the "ping" rather than the aims of the drills you're running. You'll begin to interrupt and corrupt your purpose and manipulations if you don't get a "ping" with each trigger pull. You'll begin to practice makeup shots rather than practicing the skills necessary to the drill (like running for cover because you're being shot at!!!). 

The second danger has to do with the neat, geometric nature of the steel targets. It's easy to become too accustomed to the circle or square or rectangle target to the point that when you're presented with a live attacker or a nondescript silhouette target, you'll place shots in terrible places rather than in effective places...because there's no circle or square to aim at. Trust me; I've been there and suffered from a pretty terrible training scar from which I'm still recovering. 

Be sure to mix plenty of unadorned silhouettes and photorealistic targets into your training with steel targets. Evaluate your tendencies on a regular basis!

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