Daniel was not a fighter when Dixie pulled him into her merry little  band of misfits.  He was the quiet one who tried to avoid conflict.   Fighting just wasn’t in his code.  But Dixie had asked him to help her,  and she was the first person he’d met since the fall of his mainframe  who didn’t try to cheat him, kill him, or steal from him.  She was also  the most beautiful person he’d ever met, straight down to her code.  It  was love at first sight for him.  History and entertainment never showed  him fighting at her side through the rest of the Drug and Cybernetic  Wars because he rarely did.  Instead he used the obvious non-combatant  style of his code to infiltrate thousands of networks without triggering  alarms.  He became the janitor or the relay program more times than  even he can count, passing beneath the notice of the most paranoid  security programs in his quest for information Dixie could use.   Singapore was one of the few times he openly fought our enemies, and the  Solo series actually played that straight right down to the end.  The  scene where he pulled Dixie close and kissed her with the burning  Singapore Collective in the background actually happened.  As did the  mixed grumbling and chuckling as her misfits paid off their wagers in  the office pool.  It was a good finale for both season and life, and  everyone involved found it most pleasing.  Well, there were a few online  trolls who hated on it, but Dixie’s misfits had special ways of dealing  with them.